About HRR

Welcome to the NEW Hot Rocks Radio!

All things must change over time and HRR is no different. Major advancements in technology have now afforded us the ability to roll with that change.

I am DJ Ria, also known as “T”. HRR was cultivated and brought to life by the OG, Vandal. It is my honor to now head the station and continue in the traditions set forward by those with the same passion for music and entertainment!

Collectively, we just love music. When people ask us why we do this, that’s the only answer that means the most to us. Our name may be Hot Rocks Radio, but I encourage our team to play whatever moves them.

I also highly encourage open conversation and interactions with our listeners. We stay away from political and religious discussions in our chat box and in our live shows, in order to not offend, or provoke any kind of discord. We are all about music, let’s keep it that way!

Thank you for being our loyal followers. Let the music play!

DJ Ria

Live Shows

Our DJ’s have the right to refuse Requests & Dedications, at their discretion. Some DJ’s do not enable their request lines during segments or the entirety of their show.

Adult content may be played during live shows as well as in our auto play system. Parental Guidance is recommended. We are no longer strictly as PG-13 station.

Live Chat Box

Users are welcomed to chat with our DJ live during their show. We ask that this be kept free of religious or political debates. All users will be restricted to one login. Multiple new accounts created by a single user will result in all of them being banned, permanently.

Welcome to the NEW Hot Rocks Radio! Monarch Productions LLC - Hosting Company for Hot Rocks Radio.