Become A DJ

We welcome anyone with an interest in joining our DJ Team. No experience is required. However, you must be agreeable to the following checklist, before submitting your application.

Commit to 3, 3 hour shows per week.

Have your own music library of .mp3’s with at least 200 songs.

A smart phone to install a specific text app the station uses to communicate.

Your computer must have an available, working USB port.

Your computer must be Windows 10 or higher, with a full installation, not an upgrade from a previous version.

Agree to keep politics and religion out of all broadcast and chat conversations with listeners.

Agree to let our technical support team to gain remote access to your computer to install and maintain the broadcasting software used.

If you can answer Yes to the above, please continue below to complete the application.

The station owner will reach out to you via email for your initial interview.

Windows Operating System