In Memorandum

November 2, 2023

This last week, the HRR family lost one of it’s members.
We mourn the loss of DJ Curious, Wendy, to friends and family.

I first met Wendy when I was a rookie DJ at Palace Radio with only 400 songs in my play list. She contacted me on Yahoo Messenger and started suggesting songs to add. We soon became close friends as Palace Radio eventually evolved into Ur Radio under the name DJ Wild Bill.

A couple years later, I moved to FoxFire Radio and with our mutual interest in BDSM, my DJ name changed to Lexius (named after a character in the Sleeping Beauty BDSM trilogy “The Awakening of Sleeping Beauty”.  After a couple years at Foxfire, Vanny, who was from Ur Radio founded Hot Rocks Radio and invited me to move there. Wendy followed me there and was always, Curious as to what was going on behind the scenes at Hot Rocks.

We had secret names for the owners of Ur Radio. They were George and Otto as we jokingly reffered to them. Otto and George eventually became the names of the virtual DJ’s. Wendy continued to be curious about the workings at Hot Rocks and I finally convinced her to be a DJ so she could know what was going on. She Took the name “Curious” as her DJ Name at my suggestion.

Our friendship continued through the years and she had this uncanny way of changing her voice to represent George. She loved the cartoon character “Curious George”. Over the years, I sent her stuffed Curious George dolls. One was Dressed in Jewish clothing that I sent her for Hanukkah, one was dressed like Curious George in the story books, and one was dressed like a doctor when she became ill.

We remained close friends over the years until I lost contact with her after her father died. Wendy will always be Curious to me and I miss her friendship dearly. RIP my “Curious George”

Lex Santana