DJ Lex Santana

What started me on HRR?

I was asked by Palace Radio to be a DJ and I got hooked. FYI.. Palace Radio eventually evolved in to UR

Favorite Genre

Blues, Classic Rock, Hard Rock

Favorite Bands and Artists

#1 Jimmy Buffett #2 Godsmack #3 Nickelback #4 Aerosmith #5 Nickelback

Musical Background

I was a violin Major in college. Worked as a strolling violinist in 2 different restaurants.


Hot Rocks Radio and trying to stay alive.

DJ Name Origination

The Lex came from a book character named Lexius

Favorite Music Experience

A concert, something personal that happened to you? My most memorable music experience was meeting Bryan Johnson from AC/DC and took him and his wife on a month long sailing charter to the Bahamas