DJ Ricochet

What got me started with HRR?

I started out many years ago from an invite from a close friend DJ Kat with another radio station.  The station closed down and some of the DJ’s came to HOT ROCKS RADIO. I received another invite and here I am.

Favorite Genre?

I had my own DJ business for over 10 years, so I like all genres. My favorites are funk, pop, country, oldies, R & B.

Favorite Bands and Artists?

George Clinton, Prince, The Gap Band, Boston, Motley Crue

Musical Background?

I play a mean air guitar but no musical instrument.


DJing, horseback riding, fishing and hanging out with my family.

DJ Name Origination

I used to talk on the cb radio and Ricochet was my handle back then, so it just stuck.

Favorite Music Experience

I once got a ride home from the lead drummer for Boston ( Doug Hoffman)