Michael Tiffany

Michael is an accomplished guitarist, producer, and song writer. His writing ability will take you from the sharp edge of rock, to the smooth edge of a ballad, crossing many places in between.

He will take you on a musical journey from the start of an album to the end and make you feel like you have been told a complete story. Michael is a member of BMI and Sound Exchange, rated #1 in Northern California in the Rock/Alternative categories.

With a fan base of over 14,000, his music can be heard in three different countries and on 40 radio stations. In 2014, he was named Artist of the Month in the UK, Canada, and the US. At the same time, Michael was working on his 3rd solo album which by the press release reviews, it was a musical work to be paid attention to. The title track, Early Morning, was reviewed as a Master Piece of Superior Guitar.

Michael has shared the stage with the likes of Jefferson Airplane , Carlos Santana and Jimmie Vaughan. He is well one his way to a successful career in music he is confident that once you listen to his music you will become a life long fan. 

With over thirty years in music Michael has come to this point in his music when everything has come together .  With fantastic guitar work , powerful vocals and great song writing Out of The Dark is truly an album that you will enjoy.

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Touch of An Angel – Video from Michael’s newest album